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Disabled cruise ship reaches Seychelles


Port Victoria, Seychelles (CNN) -- A disabled Italian cruise ship, the Costa Allegra, reached port Thursday after several harrowing days at sea.

After about two hours, all the approximately 1,000 people on board were off safely, and "no critical situations" were found, the cruise line said.

The Allegra lost power in the Indian Ocean on Monday and was adrift off the coast of the Seychelles because of a fire in the engine room.

It is part of the same fleet as the Costa Concordia, the cruise liner that wrecked off the coast of Italy on January 13, killing at least 21 people.

"If you look at the speed of the operation, the support we gave out of Genoa, and how the crew handled the whole situation, I think we can only be very, very proud," Costa Executive Vice President Norbert Stiekema told CNN.

Two people were injured on the Allegra, officials with the cruise line said. Two Russian guests fell on board. One injured a shoulder, the other a leg, officials said. Some are sunburned from having to sit on the deck for three days, but overall, guests were fine, officials said.

"It was extremely black smoke so we knew what was going to happen," passenger Mari-Anne Thon said, recalling her alarm when the fire broke out.

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